Heavy Reading: Donations Total 700 Pounds of Books

Between June 18-29, Popular Community Bank partnered with Bin Donated,a Chicago-based non-profit, to collect books for individuals in need.

Bins were placed in all of our Chicagoland branches, and donations were accepted during business hours.

Over those 11 days, the donations received were staggering.

Chicago-area branch employees CarolAnn Chiodo, Angelica Monroy and Patricia Hernandez helped representatives from Bin Donated sort through the impressive collection earlier this week.

On Thursday, July 12, representatives of Bin Donated and Popular Community Bank will present over 1,000 books – weighing over 700 pounds! – to the McCormick YMCA in Chicago. The donation is large enough that the YMCA will be developing a new Youth/Teen Library to house their new collection.

Bin Donated is non-profit (501c3) social enterprise that focuses on helping other non-profits reduce program costs.

Bin Donated partners with Chicago hotels, residential and commercial buildings, businesses and foundations, to collect and distribute in-kind donations for local non-profits.  From hygiene products, books, school supplies, winter coats, toys among other valuable items that would have been thrown away, Bin Donated helps other organizations put them to good use.  By enabling the reuse of items, Bin Donated helps sustain our environment as well as save operating costs for area non-profits.

You can read more about Bin Donated on their Facebook page.

For more information regarding the McCormick YMCA, you can visit their Facebook page as well.

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