Not Near Us? No Problem! Popular Online Banking Can Help

Recently, one of our friends submitted the following question on the official Popular Community Bank Facebook page:

I’m from California but I’m moving to college. Please add branches in Ohio! Don’t wanna go to another bank.

Whether you are in Ohio or one of our markets, there are ways you can take advantage of our great products and service through online and mobile banking.

Online banking isn’t a new service, but some of the features are new to many customers. In fact, there are some services we offer that can make your life significantly easier!

Bill Pay

Paying your bills online is a key feature that can save you time, money and headaches, but visiting sites for every bill can also be time consuming. Typically, people have to visit several different, individual sites for:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • water
  • cable
  • cell phone
  • home loan(s)
  • car loan
  • student loan(s)
  • insurance(s)

Instead of spending time visiting all of these different sites, you could visit only one:

  • Popular Online Banking

Our Online Bill Pay feature helps you to consolidate your bills into one, central location that makes tracking your outgoing expenses easy. You can easily input all of these bills once and they’ll be there for you to access and pay moving forward. From then on, you can simply visit our site, type in the dollar amount you owe for all of these bills at once. You can even set reminders for your payments due dates!

Funds Transfers

Another great aspect of this service is your ability to track your payments. Our Online Bill Pay service can help you track your expenses from month to month, which can help you see if you’re spending more/less on energy bills (water, gas, electric, etc) and also help you to establish a savings plan. We recently outlined a great monthly savings program that would be greatly improved by implementing an Online Bill Pay account.

Paying your bills isn’t the only great aspect of online banking that can help you save time and money. Once you have established a budget for yourself, you can transfer money from checking into a savings account that earns interest. You’ll have access to any/all accounts you have with Popular Community Bank through Popular Online Banking, and can move money from checking to savings as often as you are comfortable.

Account Protection

Another important feature is account safety. The world is moving faster than ever before, and information is moving quickly as well. By accessing your account online, you can not only get a real-time balance, but check to make sure there aren’t any fraudulent transactions taking place. The earlier you identify illegal activity on your account, the quicker we can work together to keep your money where it belongs.

Online Statements

You can also access account statements online, which helps us save trees by not having to mail a paper statement to you (if you choose that option).

With all of these great features available, Popular Online Banking is a service everyone should take advantage of! But for our customers like the young lady that’s headed to Ohio for college this fall, having Popular Online Banking established before leaving for school can help her easily transition into her freshman year.

What are some features you would like to see added to our online banking services? Tell us on Facebook or email us at

Interested in enrolling? You can enroll now by clicking below, or, for more information, call us at 1-800-377-0800, Option 2.

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