Back To School Week: Is Your Business Ready For Back to School Saturday?

August 11 has been crowned “Back to School Saturday” by a national publication that is turning the new school year into a shopping event on par with November’s “Black Friday,” “Small Business Saturday” and “Cyber Monday.”

As we mentioned yesterday in our Monday news, the National Retail Federation recently released their 2012 Back to School survey of trends and spending habits. Their findings shouldn’t be a surprise, but the dollar amounts should be exciting for any business owner. They found that:

  • parents with kids from kindergarten to high school expect to spend an average of $688 on school-related items, up 14% from last year, and
  • back-to-school spending is expected to hit $83.8 billion this year.

These impressive statistics lead to an obvious question: Is your business ready for Saturday?

The same survey found that parents are buying more gift cards for their students this year than ever before. If your business doesn’t offer gift card yet, we discussed how, and why, your business could add gift cards in July.

Is your business engaged in social media? Leaders of this event are calling for folks to use the hashtag #btss on Twitter to mark the day. If you plan on taking advantage of Back to School Saturday, and you’re on Twitter, it would be wise to employ the hashtag to make your customers aware of any specials you’re offering.

Finally, if you’re in an area where high school and college students spend time (and money), this weekend’s influx of customers could also mean your next team of seasonal employees are walking in the door as well. Being ready to at least take applications is a great idea if you plan on hiring at some point between now and the holiday season.

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