Popular Community Bank Helps “Feed My Starving Children”

Having food to eat is a problem all over the world. On Friday, Popular Community Bank employees helped a group package food to distribute to those in need.

Founded in 1987, Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) has worked to get food to children around the globe. Their growth has been incredible over the last decade; in 2011, FMSC reportedly distributed 133 million meals with help from 565,000 volunteers, up from 3 million meals and 17,000 volunteers in 2003. They now have six permanent sites, and are hoping to package 45 million meals at MobilePack events this year.

On Aug. 17, one of those MobilePack events took place at Priester Aviation at the Chicago Executive Airport in Wheeling, a suburb of Chicago. 17 volunteers from Popular Community Bank spent time make sure children are fed around the world.

After roughly a half hour of training, which included a video presentation and some specifics about the packing requirements for each meal, the volunteers filled a hanger at Priester’s location. With music in the background and in the shadow of an airplane, meals were packed that will provide sustenance for individuals who might not have food otherwise. Popular Community Bank employees participated in two sessions of packing on Friday afternoon.

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