Monday Morning News: Happy Columbus Day!

Happy Columbus Day!

Did You Know: Columbus Day celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus landing in the “New World,” which reportedly took place on Oct. 12, 1492. It became a federal holiday in 1937.

Friday of this week is not only the 520th anniversary of Columbus’ arrival, but also marks the 35th anniversary of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA). Later this week we’ll discuss CRA, and next week we are celebrating CRA Week with an incredible list of events all over the country.

Last week, we celebrated the anniversary of our founding (which came just a week short of 401 years after Columbus’ arrival). Here are a few images from the celebrations that took place on Friday:

This week, we’re excited to launch a new contest on our Facebook page. We’re in the process of putting together our 2013 calendar, and need the help of some students out there. If we pick you son or daughter’s artwork, they’ll win a Popular Kids Savings Account with up to $1,000 in it! Our theme this year is Reach for the Stars and you can read more about the contest, and submit artwork, on this Facebook page.

Finally, we’re thrilled to ask for your participation in a significant decision at Popular Community Bank. In 2013, we’re going to change our standard credit and debit card designs, and we’re asking for you to help us make that choice. Click here to vote for which of the five card series you like best!

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