Discover Budget Creation Utilizing Online Banking

Have you ever found yourself wondering where your money goes? Has your spouse ever asked how much the monthly bills are, only to receive “I don’t know” for a response?

According to a recent article on, having money available in case of an emergency is the second-most popular reason people save money (behind retirement). But it can be hard to have funds available for a rainy day if you don’t know how much is being spent each month.

There’s a wonderfully simple way to quickly account for your monthly spending, and it happens to be just a click away.

Paying bills online has simplified life for many Americans. Whether it’s paying monthly charges for your wireless communication, cable, utilities or mortgage/rent, being able to do it at home after hours has relieved a lot of stress.

And, if you pay those bills from one, central location, it’s a great way to have a record of monthly spending.

If you’re looking to save for an emergency, retirement, or want to set up a budget to avoid accumulating debt on a monthly basis, having a solid understanding of your monthly expenses will help aid in that process.

Whether you use an average of monthly costs, or the largest amount owed recently, online banking is a great place to go to quickly know how much money you’re spending on necessities each month. Once you know how much your needs cost, it’s easier to comfortably know how much you can spend on wants.

You can also make sure your spending on items like electricity, gas and cell phones is consistent from month-to-month and season-to-season. In cities like New York and Chicago, the money spent on natural gas increases this time of year when furnaces are turned on; being able to see how much your bill was 12 months back is a good way to prepare for winter utility bills. Similarly, upgrading to the latest smartphone might lead to a bigger monthly bill.

If you haven’t yet set up online banking, now is a great time to do it! Click here to visit Popular Online Banking. If you have questions about set-up or some specific features of Popular Online Banking, speak with a representative at your local branch.

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