Happy Birthday, CRA!

It was 35 years ago today, Oct. 12, 1977, that the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) was put into place. At Popular Community Bank, we are honoring this anniversary by embarking on a week-long celebration in the communities we currently serve.

Since CRA was enacted by Congress and implemented by Regulation BB 35 years ago, the regulation has been updated (specifically in May 1995 and August 2005), and there have been amendments made to the rule.

Our branches are working with their local relationships to set up community events throughout the coming week, focusing on a specific area of financial education. Each day, throughout the country, there will be a theme to our events. Those themes will be:

  • Monday: Budgeting
  • Tuesday: Small Business
  • Wednesday: Financial Planning
  • Thursday: Credit
  • Friday: Identity Theft

On each of these days, we will also be focusing the blog on these themes; we have some great ideas and resources that will be made available each day.

For more information about specific financial education programs in your area, please contact your local branch or check out our Events Page on Facebook.

The end of next week will also close our Make A Difference Day Challenge. For 11 years, Popular Community Bank has been a champion of Make A Difference Day, and this year is no different. Stop by our Facebook page for details.

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