CRA Week: Focus on Budgeting

This week, in honor of the 35th Anniversary of the Community Reinvestment Act, we are celebrating CRA by reaffirming our commitment to the communities in which we have branches by hosting and aiding in events all over the country.

Each day, as a supplement to the events that are taking place, we are going to post material(s) on the blog site that reflect the theme of each day’s activities. We hope that you find these resources to be useful and education.

Today, the theme is budgeting. Below are a number of links to excellent articles on the subject, including a few from our own blog. Enjoy!

In late June, we looked at how to afford your vacation next summer.

Back in early July, US News and World Report  looked at your finances in the age of pessimism

Later in July, we looked at a model for daily savings.

In August, we examined some mobile apps that can help you save money and track your spending.

Also in August, we looked at some energy-saving tips that can help keep money in your pocket.

In September, we wrote about planning ahead for your holiday spending.

Finally, just last week the Wall Street Journal wrote that “Black Friday” savings are overrated.

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