Popular Community Bank Delivers Financial Education in California

Last week, Popular Community Bank celebrated the 35th Anniversary of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) by hosting or producing 60 events all over the country.

In California, our community involvement included financial education at a local high school, and there are some great opportunities coming up.

Last week, Popular Community Bank employees Betty Sanchez, Kyle Kneubuhl and Judy Navarrete spent time at Santa Fe Springs High School providing financial literacy education, discussing “Making College Affordable,” with an advanced placement class.

According to Navarrete, “Within two minutes after the session started, there was standing room only in the classroom.”

Navarrete indicated the students were interested, many taking notes on iPhones and asking questions about how credit works, the pitfalls of credit cards, and saving for college.

The session was attended by over 55 students, and we look forward to working with Santa Fe Springs High School on more financial education sessions in the future.

Also last week, a number of Popular Community Bank employees met with representatives from Operation Hope.

There was a great turnout of California employees, including Regional Executive Vernon Aguirre.  Aguirre has participated on the board of Operation Hope since 2004 and was instrumental at bringing this partnership to our region.

As part of Popular Community Bank’s efforts to make a difference in the lives of southern California youth, we plan on offering financial education workshops covering savings, basic banking, and credit.

In last week’s meeting, Kevin Fleming, SVP Global Program Director at Operation Hope, worked with more than 15 Popular Community Bank employees. These leaders are now equipped to present materials to students at Jefferson Elementary School in Anaheim, CA on Nov. 14.

There are more plans to utilize our wonderful partnership with Operation Hope throughout Orange County in the future. Keep an eye on the blog for details of additional events that are coming up.

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