Popular News and Upcoming Events

Coffee handDid you know January is Hot Tea Month. According to a study released last year, two billion people drink tea each morning world wide! The study also indicated the United States imports 519 million pounds of tea each year, and estimated sales of tea in the US would be $15 billion in 2012.

Do you prefer coffee or tea? Let us know in the comments section!

Here are a few upcoming events at Popular Community Bank.

Tomorrow – Tuesday, January 8 – our branch on 96th Street in New York is hosting a free workshop discussing saving for kids. If you or your children have questions about saving or budgeting, check out this great opportunity.

Wednesday, January 9, our branch on Third Ave in the Bronx will be answering credit questions for small businesses. How can/will credit impact your business? Attend this free workshop to learn more!

On Thursday, January 10, two of our branches will be hosting free workshops that will help you understand your credit and the steps you can take to improve your score. If you’re able to attend at our branches on Broadway in New York City (2-4 pm ET) or on East Fordham Road in the Bronx (noon-4 pm ET), stop by.

Friday, January 11, our branch on Castle Hill Ave in the Bronx is hosting a free workshop where young adults can learn about checking and savings account options, choosing the right bank for you, setting goals, preventing fraud and developing or rebuilding your credit.

Also on Friday, our branch on 81st Street is hosting a free workshop where adults can receive expert money management tips and discover how to take control of your finances once and for all.

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