10 Great Small Business Apps for 2013

billsThere are tools every small business owner uses to work effectively. Every trade has unique behaviors and best practices,  and business owners have individual preferences and advisors.

In the last couple years, though, smartphones have invaded our personal lives and, now, have become a great asset for business owners. Some of the assets that had been used in one arena have now been made available to any/all business owners, and the speed of business has accelerated as mobility has improved.

With that in mind, below are ten free apps that could help improve your business in the new year.

1. Bump
Bump, available on iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod) and Android, is a great app that makes sharing documents and photos easy. Within an established network of mobile devices, you can send and receive files with the touch of a button. Their network is completely encrypted, providing great security as well.

2. Evernote
This app is like the refrigerator door at home – clip things that you want/need to remember, find interesting, or plan events that can be shared with family members and/or coworkers. You can also sync across multiple devices.

3. Expensify
Now that a calendar year has come to an end, business owners can begin an annual rite of passage: dreading their accountant asking for itemized expense reports. This app helps simplify that process and could save your accountant time – and keep money in your business.

4. Facebook Pages Manager
If you have a Facebook page for your business, this app (for iOS only) is a magnificent way to stay up-to-date with it. Updates for new followers and comments and post-by-post analytics help a brand manager work smarter on Facebook.

5. Google Drive
This app is another way to maintain records and information across multiple devices. With an account on your computer and this app on your smartphone, anything you need to be available can be with you at the touch of a button/screen.

6. Hipmunk
This is a great app to help plan business travel this year. The app gives you the ability to choose flights, hotels or both and presents options in an easy-to-read style that helps you choose the best deal available within your time frame and budget.

7. LinkedIn
LinkedIn has become a premier networking and recruiting tool for businesses of any size. You can join industry-specific groups, find new employees and keep track of your competition from one easy-to-use app.

8. Popular Business Mobile Banking
Being able to access your business accounts from anywhere affords you the ability to pay vendors, check balances, and track deposits in real-time. Available for iPhone and Android.

9. Speaktoit
If you’ve enjoyed utilizing Siri (iOS), this takes a voice-enabled personal assistant app to another level. They’re adding features in 2013 to make their product even more attractive to business owners, including meeting/event planners and market/financial information. They were named the top ten App of the Year nominee for 2012 by the New York Times.

10. Vizibility
If the point of being a mobile business owner is to be paper-free, this solves the “Where did I leave my business cards?” problem. Vizibility consolidates all of your personal and business information into an electronic business card, which is easily shared from one smartphone to another and comes with a unique QR code for each user. The basic service is free, but there are upgrades that do come with a cost.

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