Money-Saving Tips For Throwing A Super Party

This weekend marks the pinnacle of sports parties, and homes all over the country will open their doors to friends and family for the big game.

Below are 10 ways you can save money when hosting the most Super party on your block.

football chalk board

1. Read Newspaper Ads
Lots of supermarkets have great coupons and sales – some have both – this weekend. Spending a few minutes looking for the best deal on items you know you’ll need, especially pop and beer, could save you a lot of money.

2. Decorate On A Budget
Buying napkins, plates, balloons and tablecloths that are branded for the Big Game are nice, but also cost three to four-times as much as solid colored items. If you’re team wears red and gold or purple and black, you can save money by using these colors without paying extra a logo.

3. Buy in Bulk
If you’re entertaining a crowd,  buying in bulk could save you a lot of money this weekend. However, even if you are having a smaller party, you might get a better deal on some items that you will use after the game ends. Having extra paper towels around after the game ends isn’t a bad thing.

4. Potluck
It is OK to ask guests to bring their favorite dish with them to the party, and you’ll save money on both preparation and clean-up if folks bring their own. This is also a great way to make sure there’s something available that everyone likes when the game starts.

People have food preferences, but having the right beverages in the cooler/refrigerator can be an equally tough task. Rather than buying two of everything “just in case,” ask people to bring whatever they want to consume during the game. Drinks – alcoholic or not – can be the biggest expense this weekend, and most people are comfortable bringing their own.

6. Make Your Own Food
Buying prepared food, or ordering delivery, can get expensive quickly. Taking the time to make things from scratch can save you a lot of money at the end of the day. If you have some old favorites, you might need to call mom (or mother-in-law) for a recipe. If you’re looking for something new, the Food Network has some great game day recipes online here.

7. Serve the Masses
Individual food items can be expensive to buy or time-consuming to make, but cooking foods that serve in large quantities can be both time and cash efficient. Items like chili in a slow cooker, or a taco bar, can allow people the flexibility to eat as much as they want while saving you both time and money.

8. Close The Front Door
This weekend is one of the great “open door” days of the year… but those open doors mean hot/cold air might be escaping. Save money (and energy) by either turning your air down, or closing doors once people have arrived. Also, consider turning on a few fans to circulate air. Keep the temp in your house right without wasting money.

9. Borrow
This is a trendy time of year for people to purchase items they “need,” like a new card table or folding chairs. If those items are truly a need, there might be a good deal to take advantage of this week. But buying expensive items just because you’re hosting a party doesn’t have to happen. Call your friends and family and see if you can borrow the table and chairs you need.

10. Buying A TV? Do It Now!
It might feel like a contradiction of our ninth recommendation, but this is the time to buy a television. We aren’t advocating an impulse purchase, but if you’re planning on buying a new TV at some point in the next few months, this is the week to do it. The best deals of the calendar year on many electronic items come before the Big Game, so look around and take advantage.

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