Check Mate: How to Deposit From Your Business

As a business owner, the most valuable asset you have is your time. Unfortunately, making money is often times easier than getting that money to the bank.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Now, you can save valuable time by depositing checks from your office.

If you’re a business that receives a lot of personal checks, Image Remote Deposit is a fantastic way to save your time and energy. With a scanner on your desk, you can make a deposit without leaving customers or other duties.

How does it work?

We equip your business with the image remote deposit technology, which includes a small table-top check scanner and the software to manage each step in the process. Using the check scanner connected to your PC, checks are scanned and captured electronically in a similar fashion to the service a teller would provide at a branch.

A series of simple screens guides you through the deposit process: scanning, preparing and balancing electronic deposit batches, and approving the transmission of these deposits directly to the bank.

The bank receives the electronic deposit file, posts the deposit to your account, and processes the deposit images instead of the original paper items. An email verification of deposit is sent to your designated email address, automatically confirming receipt of the deposit. Also, you have until the end of the business day to make your deposit rather than the traditional mid-afternoon branch deadline.

Being able to stay at work – making money – isn’t the only great feature of this service.

Once you, an employee or a courier service takes checks to the bank for deposit, those checks are gone. If you have ever needed to reconcile an account with a vendor or client that pays by check, going through bank statements to find a check can be tricky and time consuming. With this service, images can be searched, retrieved, saved and printed via a secure Web browser. Detailed reporting is available for current and past deposits, and can be exported for analysis. By making the deposit from your office, you can improve your small business’s organization and save you time and effort.

Also, the ability to deposit checks from your office can get money into your hands faster. There are times when getting to the bank during business hours just doesn’t work out, and times when other aspects of your business suffer because you needed to get the deposit to the branch before a specific time.

Every day that passes between you receiving a check and it being deposited is another day your business waits for payment to actually take place. Instead of waiting until the next day (or a couple days later) to get your deposit to the bank, why not take care of that business from your office?

Popular Community Bank offers an outstanding image remote deposit product that can help you save time, energy and money today. We’ll even hook you up with the scanner for your office for free! For more information about how image remote deposit can impact your business, contact your local branch.

What are some ways that you save time as a business owner? Leave us a comment or email us at

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