Summer Planning: 5 Money Saving Apps For Summer

smartphoneThe beginning of summer presents a number of new expenses, but it is an opportunity for parents and students to work together while implementing some new ideas for saving money.

We already talked about how to set a budget for the summer. Here are five apps for your smartphone that can help you meet your goals.

1.The Coupons App

The Coupons App will generate a list of local coupons, and gives you the ability to save the coupon directly to your phone. This way, you can save money and won’t have to dig through your purse or wallet at the checkout and save paper on printed coupons as well.

2. iAllowance

Parents looking for a way to engage their children’s mobile devices while still teaching them the value of saving money (and doing their chores) will love iAllowance. This app helps parents and kids track chores that need to be done, rewards that have been earned and allowances paid. Parents can use this app with multiple children, and it’s a great way to visually show your kids how to save.

3. Gas Buddy is a fantastic site that helps drivers find the least expensive gas in whatever area they’re driving. Thanks to their mobile app – which are available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry – you can now find the cheapest gas while on the go.

4. SaveUp turns saving money into a game. This free site awards users points for saving money and/or paying down debt, and awards prizes to users that accumulate certain amounts of points.

5. Popular Mobile Banking

With our mobile banking app, you can find nearby ATMs, view your recent account activity and pay bills while on the go. Whether you’re a parent or college student, being able to access your account from anywhere is a great – and important – feature of your relationship with Popular Community Bank.

Now you can download our NEW iPad app as well! Click here to download this great new app.

Hopefully these apps can help you begin the new school year with some fresh ways to save money this summer!

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