120 Years of Popular Community Bank: A Look Back to 1893

On Saturday, Oct. 5, we will be celebrating our 120th year in business!

In honor of this achievement, we’re going to look back to the year we started doing business: 1893. Throughout this week, we plan on taking a look back at what was going on in each of our markets when we first opened our doors.

To begin, here are a few fun facts about 1893:

  • There were two solar eclipses – April 16 and October 9
  • The United States’ national debt was $785,487,984.81 (or $12.08 per person).
    Today, the US national debt is over $51,000 per person.
  • The total expenses of the United States government were just over $345 million
  • Grover Cleveland was the President of the US. He is the only President to serve non-consecutive terms.

Here are a few prices to think about from official import records in 1893:

  • Milk – $0.03 per pound
  • Eggs – $0.05 per dozen
  • Salt – $0.08-0.12 per 100 pounds
  • Platinum – $129.04 per pound (today it’s around $1,400 per ounce!)

Some notable births in 1893:

  • Allan Dulles, who served as the Director of the CIA from 1953-61
  • Comedian Jimmy Durante
  • Actress Mae West

Check back throughout the week as we look back at 1893 in some of the areas in which we do business, as well as some great stories from our communities today.

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