Savings Week: Save Money While Seasons Change

As the weather changes into Autumn, the sun isn’t out as long and jackets start coming out.

While leaves are falling, there are some great opportunities to save. Here are five ways you can save money while the seasons change.

  • Landscaping

Many retailers start cutting prices on shrubs, plants and even trees pretty dramatically this time of year, especially in areas where snow is a winter reality. If you’re planning on doing any outdoor upgrading, now is a good time to look for a smart price.

  • Open Windows

As the temperature comes down, as should your electricity bill. Whenever possible, opening windows and turning on fans instead of using air conditioning can cut a significant amount of money out of your utility bill spending during these months.

  • New Wheels

Are you in the market for a new automobile? September is usually a great time of year to buy a “new” car. We say “new” because next year’s models have started arriving at dealerships, so prices will start coming down on some of last year’s models that haven’t left the lot yet.

  • Replace Appliances

Everything we said about automobiles is true again when talking about appliances. In September and October, manufacturers of appliances introduce their new models and you can get a great deal on last year’s “new.” Many companies provide an expected life span for their appliances, and you can get an idea of when you should consider replacing certain items around the house by knowing those dates.

  • Wine, Artwork and Weekend Getaways

Many local winemakers will offer deals on this summer’s bottles as their season comes to a close. Keep an eye out for your favorite brand offering special deals this time of year as well.

Also, weekend street fairs are great places to find new artwork for your home. Because of this year’s weather, farmers markets may actually have better produce later in the year as well. And, if you’re looking to get away for the weekend, many summer hot spots have more affordable deals now that the summer traffic is gone.

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