Is Your Wallet Ready for Holiday Shopping?

Thanksgiving is now only eight days away, which means the three busiest shopping days of the year – Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday – are just around the corner.

Have you started planning for your holiday shopping ventures yet?

Last year, consumers spent roughly $10 billion on holiday shopping. The average adult (18+) will spend approximately $750 on the holidays this year.

Previously on the blog, we offered a few insights into why – and how – saving for holiday spending well in advance for the spending is a good idea. Now that the season is upon us, some folks haven’t taken steps to have funds available for gifting.

Here are a few ways to spend less this holiday season.

  • Shop before you shop.
    There are a few sites – like and – that post any/all sales that are available during the upcoming season. Making a list – and checking it twice – can help ensure you don’t spend more than you want to this year.
  • Download a Black Friday app on your smartphone or tablet.
    A recent survey indicated that over 47 percent of individuals with a smartphone won’t take advantage of some great money saving opportunities this year. There are some apps, like this one from, that can help you find deals and compare prices while you’re shopping.
  • Check your favorite retailer’s Facebook page.
    Last year, three-quarters of retailers used Facebook to reach out to customers during the holiday season. With the recent introduction of Facebook Gifts, the social media site is more engaging than ever before for retailers. Look for coupons, online specials, and direct links to unique deals on Facebook this year.
  • Don’t guess… too much.
    There’s someone on your list that is impossible to buy for every year. Before you buy something special for someone without 100 percent confidence they’ll like the gift, do your homework. There are some great online resources – like, and – that can help minimize buyer’s (or should we say giver’s) remorse.
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