Smart Businesses Get Paid Faster

In the past, we have looked at a few ways small business owners can establish a competitive advantage in their market place, and discussed reasons to evaluate a business plan in the new year.

Making some necessary changes can also help business owners have more control of the money they’re making, especially if you accept credit cards.

As any small business owner will tell you, running your business often becomes priority number one, two and three. Having time to shop around for specific business services is often the part of owning a business that the owner, unfortunately, doesn’t have.

There are some critical services that most businesses, especially retailers, use that could make a major impact on that business’s bottom line. The biggest of these is merchant services.

Accepting payment can be one of the more mind-numbing processes for small business owners. How long will it take for the money to arrive in your account? How much will it cost me to accept a credit (or debit) card? Are there specific cards that I get charged more to accept – or can’t accept at all?

If you haven’t checked your existing plan in a while, or are looking to add these services, now is a fantastic time!

Our merchant services partner – First Data – is offering to answer these questions for you!

Their next-day funding capability gets money into your account, and their pricing is second-to-none. Now, they also offer a wireless terminal so you can accept payment anywhere, at any time.

Through our partnership, you can take advantage of great, easy-to-use online reporting tools as well as offering gift cards.

To learn more, contact your local cash management expert.

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