Job Seekers Alert- Lookout for Scams!


Finding a job can be tough in this economy. So when an opportunity comes along, many are quick to accept it without due diligence. Today, online job seekers have become the targets of job scams.

According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center in 2012 close to 290,000 people submitted complaints related to online scams with a total loss of $525 million dollars1.

A great number of these scams come in the form of online job postings where victims are asked to complete tasks that result in fraudulent and illegal activity in exchange for a commission.  It could be simple tasks such as receiving funds in your account and transferring funds through a currency exchange to a third party that you don’t know.

Falling victim to this type of scam can result in legal action against you, monetary loss and identity theft.

What are the signs of a job scam?

  1. Large salary for little work
  2. Unsolicited email opportunities
  3. Earning money by transferring funds
  4. Having to pay to get the job
  5. Job postings that are poorly written
  6. Little or no information about the company

Tips to protect yourself

  1. Be suspicious of offers that seem too good to be true
  2. Never pay money to a potential employer
  3. Never agree to transfer money from or to third parties that you don’t know
  4. Research the company that is offering the job.  Be very skeptical if there is not a lot of information about the company or if they are not being very forthcoming

Were you scammed?

If you believe that you’ve been a target of a job scam, you must take steps to report it right away.

  • If your bank account was involved, please contact us at 1-800-377-0800
  • File a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Report it to your State Attorney General and local State Department of Labor

It is very important that you remain very vigilant about these types of scams and that you report them in a timely manner. Your financial future depends on it.

12012 Internet Crime Report 

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