Live Expert Chat – April 1, 2013 – Recap

Moderator (9:25):

Good morning! We will get started with the Expert Chat Event promptly at 9:30 AM CT.

Moderator (9:30):

Good morning, and welcome to the first Live Expert Chat Event with Popular Community Bank. Before we get started, we wanted to take a brief moment to make a couple of requests.


First, the moderator will be accepting questions both here in the chat and by email. Feel free to email us a question at


Second, please do not post any personal information (account numbers, tax ID numbers, etc) in the chat. For your protection, the moderator may remove any sensitive information from comments that are placed into the queue. Click here for our privacy policy:


With those to housekeeping items out of the way, we would like to welcome Vilmarie Gaud, Alternative Delivery Service Product Manager for Popular Community Bank to the forum. She is here to answer any/all of your questions about our new-look Popular Online Banking. Let’s begin!

Vilmarie Gaud:

Good Morning!
I am very excited to be here and we are especially excited for the unveiling the new design for Popular Online Banking last Thursday March 28th. It was designed to give you quicker access to the different features that we offer plus it gives you more control and flexibility on how you use Online Banking.

We’ve been working very hard in the last few months on this enhancement so we hope you like it and we welcome your questions and suggestions.

If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check out the demo:


Vilmarie, we just received an email from John in New York. He asks:

“I watched the demo video and spent a little time this weekend looking at the new setup. I noticed the external transfer feature but haven’t used it.  How does that work?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Great question John!

External transfers are a very convenient free service that allows you to transfer funds between your Popular Community Bank account and an account you hold at another bank. To set up an external account you will provide us the account number and routing number. We’ll then send a couple of small test deposits to the external account that you will come back to verify on our website and you’ll be on your way.

To start with External Accounts, just go to the Transfer Funds button in the Money Center app.


During the chat, we would like to get your feedback on the new design and the services we offer. Please take a moment to share your opinion with us as we ask a few questions throughout the chat.


Vilmarie, we received another email question. Amanda in Orlando asks:

“Thank you for answering our questions this morning. Does the new Popular Online Banking offer text alerts?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thanks Amanda!

We do! We have a great number of alerts that you can choose to receive by email or via text message. From your balance, to checking if a deposit came in, to transactions done with your debit cards and reminders of when bill payments are due. Click on the Manage Alerts option in the Customer Service tab to see all the alert types that we have and chose the best that meet your needs. Please note that although our alerts are free there may be charges by your carrier for receiving alerts. Check with your carrier for more details.


Again, for those just joining us, feel free to ask us any questions you have about the new-look Popular Online Banking either here in the chat or via email to


Another email question for you, Vilmarie. Josh in Chicago would like to know:

“When is Popular Community Bank going to have an iPad app?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Coming Soon!!! We are working very hard to deliver services that make banking easier for you and that one is definitely on the list!

So stay tuned…more details to come very soon.



Vilmarie, an email from Shelley in Aurora asks:

“What is an e-bill?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thanks Shelley!

This is one of the best kept secrets in the online banking platform. It’s an electronic version of your biller’s statement.

For example, you receive a bill from your utilities company every month. If they over paperless billing (electronic statements), may be able to received them through our Bill Pay service.

It makes the process of paying your bills simpler for you. We alert you when the e-bill has been received via email or text and you just log in to our website and make the payment.


Vilmarie, we received another email. Mike in Coral Gables asked the following:

“I really like the new design! But how do I see my statements?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Mike, in the main navigation menu at the top, you will see the Accounts tab. In there, Statements is the third option on this section. Same great functionality as before.


Vilmarie, Erica in Brooklyn emailed us asking:

“I’m still getting used to the new look of the online banking. I used to be able to see my last 5 payments.  Where can I find that now?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thanks Erica!

The 5 last bill payments view is still available for you. In the main navigation menu at the top, you will see the Make Payments tab. Click on the Make Payments link (the first on this section) and it will take you to the Bill Payments page, where you will see the familiar Last 5 Processed Payments in the right hand side.

Comment From Neal Greene

Before my mortgage showed up on my online backing but after I refinanced it didn’t?

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thanks Neal for your question. We’ll probably have to do some research on your situation to see why this happened on you specific case. The moderator is going to send you a private message so we can contact you for more info.

We’ll get an answer for you!


For those just joining us, feel free to ask us any question you might have about our new-look Popular Online Banking here in the chat or by email, to


Vilmarie: we received an email from Tawanda in Anaheim. She asks:

“With all the recent news about data breaches, how can I be sure that Popular Online Banking is secure?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

That is a very important question Tawanda. We totally understand your concerns.

Rest assured that our systems are protected by several layers of security that include secure information transmission and firewalls among others. We also have several monitoring process to keep an eye on suspicious activity. Also in the coming months you’ll hear of a few more security enhancements coming to Online and Mobile Banking.

Finally, there are other things that you can do to protect yourself. Check out this link for more information:

Vilmarie Gaud:

I just want to remind the audience and encourage them to use the new interactive functions in the Financial Dashboard.

We are introducing the concept of app: The Accounts App, the Money Center App, the Mobile Banking App. You can personalize these and move them around your screen where you best see fit.

You can even minimize them so you only see, what you want to see. Try it the next time you go in.

Comment From Neal Greene

What do you predict in the near future interest rates?

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thanks Neal, Many factors impact rates including type of products, market and economic conditions. Being that my expertise is on Online and Mobile Banking, I wouldn’t dare to make a projection. That is a tough one to predict. Thanks for your question though.


We have time for one more email question from James in Clarendon Hills. He asks:

“With the great new additions to Popular Online Banking, are you planning to offer person to person payments in the future?”

Vilmarie Gaud:

Thank you James.

Coming soon!!! 2013 will be a great year of enhancements to the Online and Mobile Banking services….stay tuned for more details.


It’s time for us to wrap up this great expert chat event. Thank you to everyone who joined us and asked great questions, both here in the chat and by email.

If you have questions about Popular Online Banking in the future, feel free to call us at 1-800-377-0800 or email at Have a great day!

Vilmarie Gaud (10:33):

Thanks everybody! It was great being here. We hope to have more events like this in the future so you can get a chance to ask questions and let us know your thoughts.

Take care!

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