Popular Community Bank Awarded ‘Save 10’ Recognition by the Financial Services Roundtable for Helping Employees Save for Their Future

With more than half of Americans not saving enough for retirement, the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR), Washington’s leading financial trade association recognized Popular Community Bank, with a “Save 10” award on May 4, 2015. The award was given to Popular Community Bank for helping bank employees prepare for a secure retirement by enabling them to save 10% of their income.

The Financial Services Roundtable’s newly-launched “Save 10” campaign is a business-to-business, peer-to-peer effort to encourage responsible employers to help their employees save for a secure financial future by initiating programs to encourage employees to put aside 10% or more of their income each year.

Popular Community Bank offers its employees auto-enrollment in its 401(K) retirement plan at commencement of employment and also has a matching contribution program. Popular also provides various insurance benefits, wellness programs and financial and retirement opportunities to its employees.

Popular Community Bank Awarded ‘Save 10’ Recognition by the Financial Services Roundtable for Helping Employees Save for Their Future

Financial Services Roundtable CEO and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty presents Save 10 Award to Brian Doran, New York Metro Region Executive and Director of Governmental Affairs for Popular Community Bank.

“One of the best ways to increase retirement savings in America is through employers and Popular Community Bank is leading the way,” said FSR CEO and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty. “Save 10 will be an easy way for workers to think about saving. There are many companies like Popular Community Bank helping to put their employees on the right path to savings and Save 10 will recognize those employers in an effort to encourage others in the marketplace to follow suit.”

“We understand determining savings goals can be overwhelming, and it requires education to know where to start as well as establish a sustainable approach,” said Brian Doran, New York Metro and Director of Governmental Affairs for Popular Community Bank. “The Save 10 program contains all of the core pieces to create a solid foundation for employees to build their retirement savings.”

One of the cornerstones of Save 10 is to encourage “auto-save” programs. Auto save includes programs such as auto-enrollment in a retirement plan upon being hired and auto-escalating an employee’s savings contributions as their income rises. Nearly 82% of employees save for retirement when their employers offer an Auto Save program – compared with just 64% when employers do not. The Save 10 campaign aims to fundamentally change these facts.

For more information visit: Popular Community Bank Awarded ‘Save 10’ Recognition for Helping Employees Save for Their Future

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Operation Hope – HOPE Inside Brooklyn Launch

We are thrilled to announce that together with Operation HOPE, we’ve launched the third HOPE Inside location in New York at our branch at 539 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, NY. The program will empower entrepreneurs and small businesses in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, through classroom education and onsite guidance. Read more about the program in our press release here.

Many celebrants braved the plunging temperature last night and listened to inspiring words from U.S. Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, of New York’s 9th District and Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams; Assemblymember Annette Robinson, Assembly District 56; Edward Kramer, a member of the Operation Hope Northeastern Board; Mary Hagerty Ehrsam, CEO, New York and Division President, HOPE Youth Empowerment Group Operation HOPE, Inc. and students who completed the HOPE Inside small business program at our 125th Street branch in Harlem, NY – entrepreneurs Mr. Koby Keys, President of More Keys Properties, LLC and Mr. Mansur Abdus-Salaam, Founder & CEO of Griffin’s Gourmet Foods Inc.

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.08.51 PM

Entrepreneurs Mr. Koby Keys, President of More Keys Properties, LLC (pictured left) and Mr. Mansur Abdus-Salaam, Founder & CEO of Griffin’s Gourmet Foods Inc. (pictured right), share their experience with the HOPE Inside Program at Popular Community Bank.

Congresswoman Yvette D. Clarke, of New York’s 9th District (pictured below) spoke about the ongoing economic struggle many face and the importance of Hope Inside. She shared, “On behalf of the people of the Ninth Congressional District of New York, I want to thank Operation HOPE and Popular Community Bank for their commitment to strengthening the middle class in our community, by providing critical information about the best methods to establish an excellent credit score, reduce debt, and build savings for the future. These savings provide the foundation for a family to own a home, for the children to attend college, and for the parents to have a secure retirement. I welcome Operation HOPE to our community, and I am certain that we will work with each other in the future.”

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 4.12.32 PM

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams (pictured below) praised efforts to help build local businesses says not just about education, but building “Hope Inside” each and every individual to achieve quality of life.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams (pictured below) praised efforts to help build local businesses says not just about education, but building “Hope Inside” each and every individual to achieve quality of life.

Operation HOPE and Popular Community Bank work as a team at the branch to provide two different offerings:

• Small Business Workshops – every second Tuesday of the month (the first started February 10) from 5 PM – 7 PM, creates the opportunity for a one-on-one consultation with a trained Operation HOPE counselor to discuss their business plan, financials and to deliver support through other referrals.

• Entrepreneurial Training Program – starting in March 2015 to May 2015 from 5 PM-7PM ET every Wednesday, provides attendees with practical information to enable their success. Guest experts are invited to attend to discuss branding, distribution, capital financing, conduct analysis and vet out their value proposition.

If you are interested in learning more or enrolling in the HOPE Inside Program in Brooklyn, contact (201) 381-8798.

The first, HOPE Inside in New York was inaugurated April of 2014, at 231 West 125th Street in Harlem and also focuses on small business education. The second Hope Inside program was launched in June, 2014, at 752 East Tremont Avenue in the Bronx.

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Data Privacy Day 2015


Data Privacy Day (DPD) is an international effort centered on Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.

January 28th is Data Privacy Day. Please join us in raising awareness as we educate consumers to better understand how their personal information may be safeguarded from online predators.

It is such a small world indeed, especially when the internet has brought nearly everything to our fingertips. There is however, a heavy price to pay for this convenience. Data security is crucial when it comes to protecting yourself from unforeseen circumstances, but not many people are fully prepared when their personal information is compromised.


Here are a few tips to keep your personal information secure:

  • Public Wifi. Next time, you’re at an airport or local coffee shop; think twice before tapping into their “free or open” wi-fi connection. Connecting to the internet on an unprotected wi-fi allows anyone on that network to see your data.
  • Social Media. Watch what you share online. Personal information such as your full name, birthday and address, can be easily obtained from the social media sites you frequently use. Instead, use a screen name which doesn’t include your full name.
  • Password Protection. Keep in mind that your phone is your computer. To protect data on your mobile device:
    • Be sure to create a strong password which is required each time you open your phone in case it is lost or stolen.
    • Download only those apps which are legitimate. Look for trust marks on websites to verify their authenticity.
    • Check your privacy settings on your phone as well as the social media networking sites you may use from your mobile device. This allows you to select who you choose to view your information. Keep your information limited.
  • Beware of “phishing” scams. Do not answer or follow links on suspicious emails or pop-ups that request your personal information (passwords, user names, or PIN).
  • Consider investing in a VPN (virtual private network) service, if you travel a lot and are a heavy Internet user. When connecting to a VPN, all information transmitted from your computer, regardless of the privacy settings of the network you’re on, will be encrypted.
  • Personal information. Never share your financial information (user name, password, social security number, account numbers, etc.) with others or unverified sources. Bank never request such information via email.
  • Install a firewall. Protect your computer, and keep it updated. This can protect your computer from viruses, malware and spyware.
  • Email statements. Paper statement require shredding and proper disposal. Therefore electronic statements are safer.
  • Protect your passwords. Never carry your password with you. If you write them down, keep them in a safe, secure place at home.
  • Change your passwords regularly. Never use your social security number, address, name, date of birth or email address as part of them.
  • Log off. Make it a habit to sign off when completing your transactions through internet/mobile banking.
  • Be Aware. Always keep your eyes open for suspicious texts, emails and friend requests.

Staying diligent will help you in protecting yourself as well as your family’s welfare.

Stay Smart-Happy Surfing!




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Blizzard 2015


As we prepare for these extraordinary blizzard conditions across the Northeast, we urged folks to stay home and out of potentially dangerous weather conditions.

Quick tips to help you prepare for the blizzard.

1.      Have several flashlights, batteries, candles and lighters on hand
2.      Make sure to have plenty of blankets and warm clothes
3.      Be sure to charge you cell phones ahead of time
4.      Stock up on nonperishable foods and water
5.      Stay indoors.

Branch Availability

On Monday, January 26, 2015, our New York and  New Jersey branches will CLOSE at 2:00 PM and all day Tuesday, January 27, 2015.

Remember, you can access your accounts using our Popular Online and Mobile Banking Services to:

• Pay bills
• Deposit checks
• View your account balances and transaction history
• Transfer money between your Popular accounts
• Locate your nearest ATMs

If you need assistance with your accounts, please call our Customer Care Center at 1-800-377-0800. We are always happy to assist you.

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Popular Community Bank Foundation

2014 is the seventh grant distribution for the Popular Community Bank Foundation which shares the Bank’s mission to strengthen the social and economic well-being of the communities it serves. The foundation awarded over $46,000 to 12 non-profit organizations through its grantmaking program.

Housing & Services Inc

Housing & Services Inc

MOCEANS Center for Independent Living, Inc.

MOCEANS Center for Independent Living, Inc.

Palisades Emergency Residence Corp

Palisades Emergency Residence Corp

The Battery Conservancy

The Battery Conservancy


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Money Magazine call us one of the best banks in America!

Here is a screen shot from the article:


Read the full story here:

Screen shot from MONEY Magazine, October 29, 2014 © Time Inc. Used under license.

From MONEY Magazine, November 2014 © 2014 Time Inc.  MONEY is a registered trademark of Time Inc. and is used under license.  MONEY and Time Inc are not affiliated with, and do not endorse products or services of, Licensee.

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121 Years Of Amazing!

Popular Community Bank today celebrated a special birthday. In fact teams across South Florida, NY Metro, Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico donned yellow ties and shirts to celebrate Popular’s 121st anniversary.

Branches decorated in yellow greeted customers and employees today. Commented Manuel Chinea, COO of Popular Community Bank, “We are thrilled to celebrate another year and to continuing to serve our customers and communities. Our team members today carry out the same principles and mission set over a century ago – to deliver a consistently superior customer experience.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.51.57 AM

Our Dadeland Branch celebrates!

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.52.22 AM

Festivities continue at the Hialeah Branch in South Florida.

Screen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.52.55 AMScreen Shot 2014-10-10 at 11.52.43 AM

Sharing the 121 reasons to celebrate in the New York Metro area.

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PCB partners with New Horizons Caregivers to give backpacks and school supplies to children in need.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 1.18.02 PM

Popular Community Bank Branch Manager Dennis Pritchett was on hand to award 65 backpacks to children from Palm Elementary here in Hacienda Heights, CA. The backpacks were filled to the brim with school supplies collected at the Hacienda Heights branch in June and July in support of the New Horizons Caregivers Group charitable back to school program “Each child in need receiving backpacks and new school supplies now knows that there are people in the local community that care about their success,” wrote Cathy L. Jamieson, Executive Director of New Horizons Caregivers Group to Dennis Pritchett. “Again, thank you for your continued support. All donations are dedicated to the goods, programs and services we provide to the local community, and we sincerely value your genuine concern for our organization.”New Horizons Caregivers Group (NHCG) began in 2003 with a vision to help those in need, with a concern for single parent families, children at risk, and small nonprofit organizations that provide care and aid to the community. NH Group provides free food, goods, and school supplies to the low-income. Popular Community Bank is proud to support this valuable organization. We also support the future goal of NHCG to share information and learn how we can work together and help each other. The more we understand what others are doing in the community, the better we can serve humanity.

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Popular Receives Social Responsibility Leadership Award

FSR Corporate Social Responsibility Award 2

Last week we were awarded a 2013 Corporate Social Responsibility Leadership Award from financial services industry advocacy organization, the Financial Services Roundtable (FSR). The bank was among 23 financial institutions recognized on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. during an award ceremony on July 23.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Awards are given to companies that demonstrate leadership and commitment towards the improvement of their communities through diverse programs and outreach including financial literacy education. Popular’s subsidiaries, Banco Popular De Puerto Rico and Popular Community Bank in the mainland U.S., were acknowledged for their community involvement efforts.

“We are honored to receive this award. Since the day we were founded 120 years ago, Popular has been heavily invested in its communities and people. It is in our corporate DNA to serve our communities and service is a core part of our institutional values. We believe corporate social responsibility is vital because it enables the economic and social development of the communities where we do business,” said Richard L. Carrión, president and CEO of Popular, Inc.

The Financial Services Roundtable represents the largest integrated financial services companies providing banking, insurance, payment and investment products and services to the American consumer.

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Delancey Branch closed on Monday 7/7/14


We regret to inform you that our Delancey Branch (134 Delancey St) will be closed on Monday, July 7th, 2014, however you may continue to use the 24 hour ATM. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Please visit our locator at PopularCommunityBank.com to find another branch or ATM near you. Also, 24-hour banking is available at PopularCommunityBank.com or 1-800-377-0800.

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